Hello C# 7.3 and .Net Core 2.1

First, we would like to say welcome everyone who read our first post on Brilliant Coder Zone web site. You can ask yourself why we say the web site, why we don’t call this web site just the blog? Well, the blogs are usually limited. We want that our web site evaluates in the future, but it will take some time that you will be able to see difference. You just need to know that this web site is a new one, active and in progress full time. So, you will be able to come back here always and follow our development devoted to you, exclusively in order that you have better and easier learn to coding.

You can also ask yourself why we chose first C# programming language of all others? Well, C# programming language is one of the best programming languages and when you once learned its structure, you will find it easier to learn other programming languages. Also, we chose to learn you C# programming language in Visual Studio Code source editor using Linux environment. We are focused more on the code than the design. It will be a magnificent challenge. Anyway, before we start we would like that you install:


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